brave new india?

sometimes i wish i were richer. could afford more. like a fancy education from a really good arts school...

i tell my trainees how things are so much better. how we no longer have to wait to get a mobike, telephone connection, job...

and then i see an article. that talks of how the number of hungry people in the country are increasing. and how this number grows, just as the sensex does. and how it does not make the news the way the sensex does.

and i wonder. is it really that important that i get a telephone connection fast? are "naxalites" really the 'bad' guys? what part do i play in ensuring the continued poverty of millions? can i make a difference? do i dare?


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at least the sunset is

the evenings here are quiet and long-
the dying strains of a sad grand song
heard on a cheap transistor.

munnar's hills are far away
and i cannot hear gokarna's beaches

and though i cannot be where i would
at least i know the sunset is,

at least the sunset is.

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