finally. been planning to move for a while, but things needed to fall in they have. will continue this blog/site @ the new site works better as a blog+portfolio. all the content from bottlebroke has been moved to feddabonn, and updates will only be there.

on the upside, the new site is much easier to browse through, and content doesn't belong to google or depend on their servers. it is much lighter design wise, and can be user optimised for low-light or low-power conditions. there are also no irritating word verifications when typing in comments.

there is a mobile friendly version @ too. the site automatically detects a mobile browser, and auto redirects to the mobile site. a link at the bottom of the feed allows you to go to the 'main' site if you want to. still a work in progress, and a ways to go.

on the downside, those of you who use RSS readers would need to point them now to am hoping i won't lose readers in the switchover!

there is still some formatting work to be done, and i'll keep at it. hope to see improvements, especially with the mobile site. will also update a links section very soon. all feedback is very welcome.

thanks to geordee, who is seeing to the server space/domain rego stuff; and blind dayze who did the logo, the favicon, and tweaked the free template i got from tech designs. thanks too to the people who have made wordpress such a brilliant software to use, and who have managed to keep it free.

thanks most of all to you people who read and comment on the posts. you make this whole effort worthwhile. again, would love to hear your feedback!