we, the people

we, the people of india, having solemnly resolved

that 1044 dead, 223 missing, 2548 injured, 150000 displaced
is too little, too few;

that the toll of the orphaned and numbers raped
should follow the trail of the glorious sensex;

that commerce is more important than truth
or a prostituted police force;

that the god(s) need more human sacrifice
and the sweet smell of houses burning;

in our exercise of democratic right
this 24th day of november, 2007,

do hereby elect, congratulate and give to ourselves this government.

baruk feddabonn
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happy birthday

raise your pirate flag-SING happy birthday!


heroes for sale or rent

...sung to tune of the opening lines of "king of the road"...

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kill me a leader

sing me a song
flecked with the spittle
of the last suicidal farmer;

tell me a story
drenched in the piss
of the traffic beggared streets;

kill me a leader,
dear mamma,
kill me a leader.

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new song

...heard the latest song? it goes:

hare rum hare rum
hare ganja hare rum


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sometimes words

and rattle.
making love.
on tin rooftops.

i hate words.

but sometimes
words whisper
lush soft stories
of golden sunets
dripping from the roof
of the grass
that leads
to the fresh cold
of wah-kadait

and sometimes
i love
sometimes words

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baruk feddabonn

the towers of babble

Based on a photograph by Edgar De Evia

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