bottle, broken

it's just a bottle,
broken by time
(encouraged by
a wandering brick)
streaked with scratches
(like your newly
purpled hair)
and tossed out
on the garbage heap
for rag pickers
to make a rupee off.

it's just a bottle,

but once upon a time
it held good wine.

and it now holds
green light
and magic
and the sweet sour smell
of memory.

and while i cannot grudge
a rupee earned
i'd rather keep the bottle,

traffic lights


hobble hobble
clink clink


walled off
by a
rolled up
(fast! before she reaches us!)

hobble hobble
clink clink

orange... (honk! honk!)

green! (screech!)

hobble hobble
clink clink
hobble hobble
clink clink

a bottle full

a bottle full
of sunshine
pretty pretty
dark dark

a bottle full
of sunshine
happy happy
blood blood

a bottle full
of sunshine
three days

wind horses

neon gods 1

neon gods 2

water, please

my favourite left foot

candle in the darkness

bottled sunshine


old friends

creative resistance!

i love this article. this is the kind of creative, direct action i'd like to be part of. beautiful!

Standing beside two parked cars, two men in dark baseball hats wait for the signal.

It's broad daylight and nearly rush hour on Bloor. A woman in paint-stained jeans sprints ahead of the men, scanning the street. Another stations herself across the road, surveying the speeding cars for police. The thumbs-up sign is given.

The painting can begin.

Seconds later, a cardboard bike stencil is thrown on the road and the first of seven cans of hot pink paint is emptied on a stretch of Bloor St. W.

"Putting in a bike lane?" asks a teenage girl cycling by.

read the full story here.


there's a certain arrogance, a certain naivety in thinking that one can change the world, a certain pig headed stubbornness in continuing to try. sometimes i think the buddha had a point. you can never change the world around you, you can only transcend it. the examined life is a little over rated-it only causes pain and confusion. leave the world to itself-it has figured its own way out before. before i came along with my story book idealism and hope. leave it all.

then again...