actually enjoyed that last 20-20 match. both teams played well (i think) and the whole thing had that on the edge feel i normally associate with world cup football finals. hell yeah, i even cheered for the indian team (regardless of the fact that 1. i've never particularly liked cricket, and 2. i sent out a rather 'logical' SMS on why we should support pakistan). was a good game.

even better? i was expecting headlines this morning on how the indian players showed 'disrespect' to the indian flag by first pouring champagne all over it and then by not knowing which side was up. (i'm still not sure myself). no news, however, of any protests of that sort breaking out. hope this wave continues-cricket actually manages to turn interesting, the indian team actually manages to win something that matters, and the indian flag (and players) can get a drink once in a while!



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