singur bloody singur

ROFL. this really cracks me up. the calcutta high court has dismissed all 11 petitions against singur and the tata's car plant. the communists, of course, have applauded the systematic state led destruction of people's rights by a rich bastard corporation.

but the best part is this: "in a statement, chief minister buddhadeb...described the verdict as one that would...also help in efforts to raise the living standards of the people of singur and adjoining areas. alternative means of livelihood for those whose land had been acquired would be explored" (the hindu, jan 19, 2008)

"...WOULD BE EXPLORED"??? they have decided what they want to do with the land, ratan tata has been hailed as the goddamn messiah of middle class india, and the are going to "EXPLORE" what they are going to do with the displaced???

i used to think the communists cared about people. i used to think the tata's were built on some sort of ethical bedrock. i used to think the 'rule of law' made sense. now i realise it just depends on the money. all of it is for sale or rent-it just depends on the 'investment'. the law is a whore, and i could go to jail for saying that.


Fictitioustruth said...

Everyday the feeling gets reaffirmed
Everyday you feel this country is really not worth living in.

Everyday you read a new disaster
Everyday you feel this country is really not worth living in.

Everyday another person gets insulted
Everyday you feel this country is really not worth living in.


One day It will be my turn.
Someday I will leave this place.

Gauri Gharpure said...

there's this very complex mixture of progress and apathy in all the major land eviction drives, be it in nandigram or singur in West Bengal, Maan in maharashtra, or in Gujarat- the narmada issue.. the thing is, development is essential.. but at what cost, how, for whom, and in what proportion? there are some very basic rehabilitation drives which need to precede any land eviction, and that, just doesn't end with paying up the price of the land at the market value... what you need to do is to set up a re-establish the livelihood of the displaced, from the scratch; for change of place means change of n number of related things... ironically, we in India are jumping the bandwagons a bit too idiotically, be in the development of infrastructure or education or anything else...

feddabonn said...

@fictitious: lord, i know the feeling. then again...

@gauri: agreed. there's been quite a build up of these...i wonder-is it heading to a boil?

Ta'fxkz said...

Write somthing like a proposal on how the rehabilitation TATA and the Government should be conducted