autumn frosted sky


George said...

hi Baruk - just a quick note to say how much i like this photograph - and your other stuff - I'm sure the funnily-named river must be our local Waikato. i liked the poem, but referred to things i probably dont' fully understand. Also loved the picture of Bombay? - amazing
The photo of hte barbed wire reminds me of the NZ painter Graham Sydney who does a lot of pictures of Central Otago, near Dunedin, where i come from. Google him and have a look - i think you might like it. Keep up the work adn we'll catch you later Mr Feddabonn


George said...

Am i meant to comment on my comment? THis may never end, and how long can i keep making intelligent comments?


feddabonn said...

thanks, bruce. really very nice to have you here.

"strangely", as in stranger. you should hear some the truly weird names of rivers where i come from!

"saviour cars" refer to the tata nano, a car introduced by tata motors. their head, ratan tata, claimed they would provide the country with better transport. a little like prince charles- fairly intelligent, but awfully ugly and rather misguided. as you can imagine, we do not see eye to eye on this one-and that's the crossroads of perspective. more on that here:

the initial ruckus was around singur where the blessed ratan tata (seated) tried to turn fertile land into a car workshop. the small and marginal farmers resisted, and were almost trampled down.

my perspective: cars are less needed that effective and efficient public transport. and cars for india's middle classes are much less important that a livelihood for the farmers.