leave us our hills

digging out an old post in response to the murder of chongkham sanjit and rabina devi by the police in the indian state of manipur. see the initial story here and a deeper analysis here.

goddamn you chinky rebel fools
(who water these hills with our blood)
goddamn you indian army goons
(who water these hills with our blood)

leave us alone, you bastards,
to eat and sing and dance and sleep
a quiet meal
a happy song
a drunken dance


constant, constant, constant
of your
goddamn guns.
and bloody countries.

leave us our hills.
all you bastards,


Blind Dayze said...

Read the Tehelka post... the military forces in Manipur whatever they call themselves are seriously FUBAR...

Me thinks Rabina Devi was more than just a bystander.. maybe she clearly saw what happened...OR maybe these army guys need to practice their shooting skills... :-(

Rebel Fools
and Army Goons!!!

mesjay said...

Violence, violence, i'm so sick and tired. The poem brings out the frustrating reality, well expressed. The pains will never go away.

feddabonn said...

@blind: what i also find sad is that this was the manipur police commandos. locals. actually, more than sanjit's death, it is the lady's that angers me.

@mesjay: i agree. while i don't know whether anything will change by talking about it, but tend to think talking about it is better than not!

Inpui said...

Hi D/feddabonn, This is the real picture in Northeast India. Whether we are pro-India or Anti-India the first thing the governments both at the state and the Central need to wake up to the plight of the people. By this it must revoke the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act from all northest states. Instead of this law, what we need is the 'law of development'. Security forces can be there to protect projects but not to scare people.

feddabonn said...

@inpui: quite agree. i think we also need the tribes to come together if we really want lasting peace...