math at the pentagon

2995 deaths on 9/11=4350 deaths in afghanistan+155350 deaths in iraq
=>1 american life=51.86 iraqi+afghan lives

even the hebrew god only wanted an eye for an eye.
how many eyes does the american god want?


Blind Dayze said...

the death toll digits included...maybe as spoken words..

the rest are the kind of lines i'd like for a song..

feddabonn said...

you're welcome to use any of these as songs!

Joe Pinto said...

How many eyes? Stop counting.

During the US invasion of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh used to say that the time would come when girls in USA would be afraid to grow up and marry and give birth to sons, because these young men would be destined to die on the battlefields of Vietnam.

That is the kind of resolve you need, if you have to resist the US war machine.

feddabonn said...

actually, joe, in the light of recent events, maybe i should be wondering how many eyes the indian gods want!