the river walk

i'll take the river walk
from the shops
or the street named after
a dead (once murderous) queen.

i'll take the river walk
ancient waka landings
and memories of other rivers
in other places i call home.

i'll take the river walk


mesjay said...

What's the name of the street/dead queen? Nice poem. How big is your river--compared to Range, shillong?

feddabonn said...

thanks! queen victoria. waikato is a lot like the rivers in kerala. swift and deep, but narrow.

Anonymous said...

lovely poem. made me nostalgic for my previous residence near the tama river, marking the border between tokyo and kawasaki. how i miss my weekly jog/walk along that beautiful riverside!

feddabonn said...

thanks r! it *is nice to live near rivers and lakes, ey?

Calliopia said...

I just love this poem. Def one of your best, I think. Something evocative and reminiscent about it that I can't quite put a finger on. Hmmmmm

feddabonn said...

[big grin] much thanks c!

Joe Pinto said...

My dear Baruk,

Visiting and chronicling the resistance of the great Maoris will give you an opportunity to renew yourself.

We all live and die with our massacres and genocides.

Ten years from now, the year 1919 marks the centenary of Jallianwala Bagh.

I am preparing to resist.
I am walking along my own river.

Peace and love,
- Joe.

feddabonn said...

thank you joe, for your encouragement and your own continued resistance. you are an inspiration.