marty's whales/waitangi day musings

streetlights crumple
against a bright(ish)
auckland morning.

deep down in the silence
marty's whales are sounding
treaties made
treaties broken
the big(ish)
party on
at orakei

but i've turned
my back on the sea
my face to the hills-
this hill
littered with buildings
that snap at your heels
and leer as you pass...

and deep down in the silence,
marty's whales are sounding.

[NOTE:links for context- marty, whales, treaties, orakei, this hill]


Marty Mars said...

Awesome feddabonn

feddabonn said...

kia ora marty!

reuben said...

The hills have been breathing, brother, right through the space while you were gone. And the rivers, though weaker now, still run.