green tea

i only really like tea
(green, and the colour of sunset)
on the second brew,

leaves a little jaded-
that can afford to look
at the funnier side of things;
water a little cooled-off:
politically neither hot nor cold,
just appropriately steaming;
the faint taste of bitter
filling the mouth
with vague happy memories
of deepthi's chocolate;

i only really like tea
on the second brew.

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Norton Hodges said...

Hi Baruch. Thanks for your gmail! re 'green tea' I feel the first stanza should end with a comma. I like the way the poem then unfolds except for the repetition at the end. Could it go in an unexpected direction in the end?? 'Yomping' in my poem is what soldiers do on manoeuvres runnung in full war gear! Norton