i have been talking for quite a while about resistance for the sake of resistance. just like india needed an opening up of the economy, the older free economies seem to be getting out of control. point being-if one gets stuck with a particular ideology (in this case capitalism vs. socialism) it hardly serves the purpose, as both systems (like ALL systems) are capable of easily turning into despotic ones. i know circles where drinking (alcohol) is taboo, and others where non-drinkers are looked down on. both sides are silly.

point being. i've been thinking about piracy, and how it is the most popular and most accessible form of resistance to the "big corporations". i walked into a levi's store the other day, and saw a pair of jeans i liked. the price tag? rs. 9500 something. with that money, i could go back to shillong and buy 9 pairs of the same damn thing (travel included). yep. pirated. with ANY label you want. and the same quality.

thing is, thats buying into the same damn dream, no? whether i wear original or fake levi's, i am promoting levi's, and feeding the lie. so. look for quality jeans, just avoid the brands.

damn thing is...easier said than done!