to write or not to write?

ok. that has to be the worst title this side of sekspiar (watch me lapse into the assamese, kids!) the problem with a cliche-it says eXACTly what you want to say.

just finished looking around the blog world again, and guess what. half the world blogs. most of them blog poetry. most of the good poetry bloggers do things (for a living) other than write poetry. which is making that expensive (very very) and self indulgent (very very) degree in creative writing look like the kinda thing paris hilton should do.

but i can't stop writing, can i. i could break more bottles, i guess. argh.


Soumyadip said...
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Soumyadip said...

Hi! Featherbone. Remember me?

munxcat said...

Blog!!!! Me too....Everyone does what everyone does. One starts and the rest follows. Think about the first guy who thought about BLOG. He is the one...He is the Man....THE MAN

Anonymous said...

I write poetry on my blogs too though :S Although I wouldn't say its good enough to make a living out of. And I don't write poetry all the time. I feel poetry is too private to really post on a blog. Laying out infront of the entire virtual world makes me feel very vulnerable.

But i completely agree with what you said about cliches.


Anonymous said...

*laying it out, i meant.