...and 2nd August feels like a lifetime ago. moved to hyderabad in september, and have effectively been offline ever since. hard times, for a while, with the despair of neither having a job nor any creative breakthoughs. the shiny black helmet is chipped and cracked now, and the straps grimy with dust and sweat, and khuang dum badly misses ahmed bhai. my poetry did not make the grade at yet another contest, and the first string on my guitar finally broke.

now that i think of it, however, the clearest, largest and most beautiful image that comes to mind is that of deepthi, who has refused to let me make love to my self-pity, who has refused to let my soul, heart or body starve, who has been a friend like i never would have dared ask for.

memories of deepthi's choclate will never again be vague.