almost september

jackfruit and mango
sing your summer song
'cause i'm dreaming of december again

wish it were two days from christmas
and three steps from home
most of all i wish to see you again

you called up to tell me
your father just died
it didn't really make a difference
but you broke down and cried
now it's almost september
and soon we can rest
don't you think that would be best
i guess

ryan just asked me if we were coming today
said that i didn't know but i might pass that way

now it's sunshine in teacups
destiny and beer
how i wish you could be here

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baruk feddabonn
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Gauri Gharpure said...


an underlining sorrow and bittersweet nostalgia under the drapes of cheer: read beer, mangoes, sunshine and teacups dashed with the unavoidable hint of destiny..too good, and perhaps also very relevant to everyone at one stage or the other..i simply enjoyed reading and re-reading the first and the last stanza in particular..

Ta'fxkz said...

my favorite

feddabonn said...

@ gauri: thanks! my first shot at recording-used the wifey's phone!

@ta'fxkz: thanks mano. will try and implement the recording changes on the next one.

sanga said...

it still doesn't make a difference......btw....ryan's asking if your coming today?