the battles are different here,
i think.

no easy anger
at a development gone wrong
or saviour cars to be sacrificed
at the crossroads of perspective.

but changes come
with endings and beginnings
and beginnings and endings
till you stand
by the banks
of a strangely named river

and hold your bitter goodbyes
like a weapon.


mesjay said...

Nice poem, with that edgy touch.

sm said...

nice poem
and like the mumbai pic

feddabonn said...


PnB said...

how is the change of scenery? one day your here in Sec'bad next you're on the other side of the world! how about a post informing us of your exodus>

i don't know how much junk you had to put up with over here. i'm interested the way your move has affected in your socio-cultural-ethnic identity.

a new phase in "the helmet guy's" life and writing. Honestly, reading this blog is more interesting than i had initially thought.

i like the economy of words, and the slick tightness to the words.i like the break up of the lines. they all flow smoothly from on to the other. feels charged, but certain emotions that many would place on the foreground are left unspoken, perhaps that's why i think it sounds terse but with being abrupt.
i wanna heap more praise on you, but this is a public space.
write on maestro!

feddabonn said...

lol. i tend t leave the non pic/rant/poetry updates to facebook. care to hook up? baruk feddabonn.

honestly, i think the move from shillong to chennai was more 'difficult', at least emotionally. i've always managed to be a foreigner, even in shillong, so that bit's not too hard.

as a chinky mizo/malyalee mission kid, growing up trying to be assamese, then khasi, being thought exotic in chennai, falling in love with hyderabadi hindi and marrying a bangalorean mallu-who-is-not-a-mallu from a different religious tradition...our social-cultural-ethnic identity has always been rather confused. to top it, while we are darkies and obviously asian, people are often surprised when we tell them that we're from india. AND we're beginning to rather empathise with the maori condition, though we like the white folks' manners better.

i love your comments for their sheer 'articulate-ness', though they do make me blush sometimes. thanks!

Cabir said...

Baruk, we miss you and love you!!!

feddabonn said...

...miss and love you too, cabir! are you being good?