i love the sardonic but gentle tone of this piece. from a yezdi brother, this is also proof that being a machine head doesn't mean you can't write! hoping for more, dax!


Oh so you just dropped in from a plane, eh?
And put your foot in it.
Got ripped off by public transport.
Bewildered by the sea of brown.
Stoked up in the mountains.
Beached out on a rave.
Flew by Everest or sighed at the Taj.

Wanna tell me about it?

Just curious.

-by Arunesh Dogra


Dax said...


I’ve heard them speak
About almost everything
I’ve seen them cry
When they first get high

I’ve heard them sing
About faded jeans, faded dreams
Corrupt money minded angry screams

I’ve seen them grow
And never loose hope
In the great Indian heliotrope
My countrymen shining
Great global guns inna zealous grope

Teenage poets commercial cock truckers
(We got poultry farms, you know)
And sedentary govt. job muck suckers
(Cybersex hurts when your daughters know)
Suddenly everybody’s got a thing
For pretty brown girls in the ring

I’m still not satisfied
I’m still looking for someone
I’m still not satisfied
You’ll go ahead have your fun

Child bear and keep distance
Tourists love white elephants f’r instance
Doesn’t matter how we spell chowmein
One dip in our river and you’re clean

So what if our human rights are obscene
We do sisters, not mothers, know what I mean?
Everything you see is incomplete
Let me buy two cars before the ozone depletes

And that’s why I’m still not satisfied
I’m still looking for my gun
Y’see I’m still not satisfied
Y’all go ahead and have your fun.

(*copyright Arunesh Dogra)