christmas pigs, or the perils of inviting a poem-writer to lunch

what is it about
christmas and food?

the pig in the pot
of the
wild hills of home,
or the pig on a spit
of the
kiribati islands?

here we are civilised settled, though
and call it ham.

but with good friends
and laughter
(and potatoes on the side)

it is a feast;

and more,
it is christmas.

[thank you menaka, bruce and ashan for a feast fit for a north-easterner!]


Anonymous said...

We made boeuf bourguignon on Christmas day, my daughter and I - inspired by Julia Child, after watching 'Julie and Julia'. It had pig in it, though by another name, bacon, as one of the main ingredients. Though not as good as 'pig in the pot' or 'pig on a spit', or even ham, pig all the same. So we still had pig on Christmas day :) I think the red wine spoiled it all. Yeah, in retrospect, methinks boeuf bourguinon sans the wine would have made it more like home :)

Diana Saw said...

Happy New Year Feddabonn! Hey did you send me an email? I saw something in my spam folder from someone with your name. Can you send again if it was you? Cos I deleted it by mistake...Sorry!

Sounds like you had a great X'mas! Love the poem. Keep writing your poetry!

Cheers from me in Cambodia,

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

feddabonn said...

@diana: thanks! i've also re-sent the mail...
@anon(s): much thanks. i'm glad you see improvement.