the bottlebroke tree

bottlebroke has just gone international! (well, they always say that like it's a good thing). entered 'the bottlebroke tree' at this years trees at the meteor event. also saw some of the trees being prepared, and they are *brilliant! hope to see them when they are all ready.

the tree is an adaptation of the bottlebroke lamps, with the addition of discarded wood pallets and cycle tubes. it has been an exciting (and scary) time making this, as i have struggled with ideas, with techniques, with materials. and finally, i had to edit. in a funny way, the 'artist statement' helped me edit, and stop myself from putting in things that didn't add to the mix.

the bottlebroke tree is a meeting of urban inner city broke-as living, a number 8 wire mentality and a reduce-reuse-recycle ethic, dressed in the attitude and aesthetics of punk. hope does not grow in the gardens of the nice and pretty, it springs from the worm pits of despair. may you rage against the machine, this christmas and always.

i'm offering the piece for sale, to help raise money for the local group of amnesty international. any help much appreciated!

NOTE: much thanks to dee for helping with the pictures, the listing, and generally putting up with the grumpy artist-fartist at work!


mesjay said...

Very interesting.

feddabonn said...

thanks mesjay.

Anonymous said...

'?' is my first impression, but interesting all the same :)

feddabonn said...

lol ruolngul. thanks! i must admit it *is a little abstract, though that does not take away from its light giving properties. grin.

the wooden triangle represents the wood of a christmas tree, while the green light represents the leaves/needles. it is punk in the sense of the ideas behind punk- a deliberate celebration of roughness and rawness and ugliness combined with the three chords attitude. and honestly, a lot of being 'tribal' seems to be about the same thing. the reduce-reuse-recycle is fairly obvious!

hope the description helps! :)